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Is EMF radiation really THAT big of a concern?

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Radiation concerns have been around a lot longer than most people realize. As a child we are told to not stand too close to the microwave while it's on? Me too! The concern was (and still is), you guessed it, radiation. Most people would be surprised to know that most electronics give off a certain amount of EMFs. What are EMFs? EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, exist everywhere in the environment; in our homes, school, and workplace. EMFs radiate invisible frequencies, that some experts find concerning.

It has been more than ten years since EMF first was perceived as potentially harmful to your health. Since then, many sources of EMF have become a normal part of our lives, so much so, that we don’t even realize how much EMF is around our home! Between your lamp lightening your bedroom, the refrigerator, your television, the washing machine and dryer, your smartwatch, your phone, it's everywhere. With our world today being so tech dependent, people are carrying EMFs with them all day. Nearly every person has a cell phone in their pocket or purse.

So what actual risks are we encountering with this much daily exposure? People are now connecting symptoms such as migraines, sleep issues, brain fog, and high blood pressure to radiation exposure. Cancer⁣, alzheimer’s, ⁣fibromyalgia, reproductive challenges⁣, and neurodegenerative conditions⁣, are also a few examples of what some people believe prolonged radiation exposure may do to them. There's no way to be certain what the actual risks are for long term exposure and what other environmental factors come into play.

Another huge concern is our children. Let's think about how much radiation children in school are exposed to everyday. Every classroom has access to WiFi, so that’s one exposure to radiation. Than, nearly every kid, 10 years old or older has a cell phone in their pocket, plus the teachers phone. That's roughly 25-30 devices giving off radiation too. At least a quarter of the children have AirPods or wireless ear buds, which means even more radiation. Most classrooms in today's world use tablets or chrome books to do school work on, that’s even more radiation exposure. Most teachers will have a desktop computer or laptop in the classroom, which means more radiation.

That’s 20+ cell phones, 20+ Chromebooks, 10+ AirPods/ear buds all omitting radiation, AT THE SAME TIME. It's no wonder that our children are sick more than ever. It's not surprising to see children are having issues with focusing or hyper activity, their brains are essentially being zapped on a daily basis.

So now what? 4g/5g towers are everywhere, everyone has a phone, a television , and microwave, you clearly can't escape it, so what do you do to protect your family? The obvious answer is never leave your house and throw out every electronic you own, right? Just kidding, you don't need to do that. There is a few simple tips you can do right now in your home, that will reduce the risk of EMF effects immediately.

What can you do to avoid or limit your radiation exposure?⁣
  • Unplug your bedroom while not in use. (tv, stereos, video game systems, etc).

  • Use grounding sheets and pillowcases, (Earthing is my favorite for pillowcases, use code FELICIAANNE to save 10% off).

  • Engage in earthing daily.

  • Increasing your nutritional reserve.

  • Flip your phone to airplane mode as much as you can. ⁣

  • Ditch the wireless and hands free headphones⁣.

  • Ground your devices (use Ethernet cables whenever possible)⁣

  • Unplug the modem/router at night.

  • Use EMF protective paint (found at Home Depot, Amazon, Lowes etc).

  • Look into adding harmonizers in your home (my favorite is Somavedic use code FELICIAANNE to save 10% off, click here )⁣.

EMF radiation has a lot of potential risks, while not enough studies are being done to find out exactly what will happen to everyone after 50 more years of these levels of radiation, its safe to assume we need to protect ourselves.

When it comes to technology, less is more.


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