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10 Creative Ways to Make Money at Home While Homeschooling

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

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You can earn more money now and grow your bank account

Are you new to homeschooling? Or a veteran homeschooler looking to save some money or make some money? Or are you a stay at home mom needing a little extra cash in her pocket? Either way, keep reading. These are 10 easy ways to start making money (or saving money from home today!

  • Download Inbox Dollars- Top trusted survey site with fun ways to earn extra cash. You can take surveys, watch videos, play games, and read emails. Some people can earn up to $225 a month. Click here to earn $5 for signing up. Earn another $5 immediately with a quick survey.

  • Offer services on Fiverr - Fiverr is a place for freelancer to advertise their skills. Your rates start at $5 and have add ons to go much higher. Homeschoolers can offer services on Fiverr such as creating curriculum, reviewing assessments, helping people get started, sell worksheets, create posters etc. The sky is the limit!

  • Sell homeschool material you've created- Fiverr isn't the only place you can sell your homeschool worksheets and curriculum. You can also sell them on Etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers. On Etsy and TPT, homeschoolers can sell all their creations from digital art, worksheets, posters, planners and so much more.


  • Sell last year's books- Amazingly enough, the homeschool community is a fairly large one across the country. Something I've noticed over the years is theres a huge market for used books. Some companies fall behind on shipping orders, or maybe you have a book or two that's no longer available, or people just flat out want to pay a little less. Either way you can sell whole sets of curriculums or individual books. The best place to start is to look up the homeschool buy and sell groups on Facebook. I would also advertise it on Facebook marketplace. Another option is eBay - just make sure you have the starting bid at something you are will to give the books away for.

  • Teach classes on Outschool- Outschool is an online platform where anyone can sign up to be a teacher and run a live online class. The class fees are typically between $12-20 per class (per student). Outschool takes 30%, so if you charge $15 for a 'Learn to Draw a Tiger Class' with 10 students, you would receive $105. On Outschool, you can teach one class at a time, or multiple. Many homeschool moms will use this as a supplement to 1 to ALL of the subjects required in school. We personally love all the drawing and sculpture classes. No prior experience necessary. A background check will be completed prior to your first class. Payments are received through PayPal.

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  • Download Fetch- You can scan your receipts and earn cash. If you buy particular items from the app, you'll earn even more. You can also link your email and amazon account and earn money for your online purchases too. Set up is easy and through the years I was able to earn over $500.

  • Open up a high yield savings account- You can teach your children about budgeting and finances in real life. You can find many lessons online, or simply create your own. Deposit as little as $5 and have your child watch his account grow. A lot of banks offer a high yield savings account, like Capital One Bank for example, offers 4.30% interest.

  • Use free homeschool material- There are so many resources online to get great worksheets for any subject you need, but theres also a few places to quality free FULL curriculum. The first, and a personal favorite of mine, is from The Good and The Beautiful. On the Good and The Beautiful website you can get full access to the PDFs of Language Arts curriculum levels K though 8, Math levels K through 6, and/or the Marine Biology Science Unit. Click here to take a look. Another great option is Easy Peasy Homeschool. This is an all in one online curriculum completely free. You can customize the subjects for your child based on age and overall goals. The website is very thorough and has the option to purchase the workbooks or print free PDFs.

  • Download TesterUp- Earn money as an online tester. You can earn $150+ per test. As a tester, you'll test games, products, complete surveys, and so much more. Setup is easy, testing jobs can be done right from your phone immediately, and you can start receiving PayPal payments once you earn $70. Sign up here.

  • Download Ibotta- Rated one of the best apps for getting cash back for purchasing online. They have a long list of grocery items, you select what you plan to buy and upload your receipt. They also allow you to connect your savings card for automatic upload of purchases. Its quick and easy and offer a ton of shopping bonuses. You can withdraw straight to your bank account with a min of $20. In the past two years I've personally made $594.12. Click here to get $5 when you submit your first receipt.

These are just some of the ways you can make money from home. Keep a look out for more blogs on money making AND saving tips! Let me know if you've tried any of these, I'd love to hear your success stories and other feedback!

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*Some links on this page provide me with a very small commission that helps support my family so I may continue to provide you these helpful services. Thank you so much for your support.

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