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Promo Codes

My Favorite Brands

I've complied a list of promo codes all in one page to help take the work out of trying to save! You'll find all the top toxin free living companies as well as a bunch more. Every brand on this list is a brand I have personally tried and/or researched. I may receive a small commission when you click the links or use the codes. The money I bring in helps support my family and our homeschooling journey. 

Low Toxin and Natural Products

Looking to switch your household products to a cleaner option without breaking the bank? Check out these brands below. Every brand on my list offers me a unique code, so I can help you make living toxin free a little more affordable.



Naturepedic spring-free, certified organic. *Use code FELICIA15 to save 15% off your order*

Earthing - your best products to keep you grounded or "earthing". Use code FELICIAANNE to save $$

American Blossom Linens - *use code FELICIA15 to save.

My Green Mattress Spring-free, latex options, certified organic.*Use code GREEN125 to save $125 off your purchase of twin or larger OR $20 off crib mattress*


360 Cookware Solid ceramic pots and pans *Use code FELICIA25 to see 25% off*

Caraway Stainless Steel and Ceramic Coated Cookware, cutting board and wooden accessories.

Made Trade Bamboo, stoneware and porcelain bowls, plates and more. 


Primally Pure all the BEST skincare you can imagine, Sea Soak salts, deodorant, body oils and so much more. *Use code FELICIA10 to save 10% off*

Plaine Products shampoo, conditioner, body wash and more. *Use code FELICIA20 to save 20% off*

Simply Earth Bug Fighter Essential Oil Blend *Use code FELICIAFREE to save 15% off*

Earth Mama Organics *Use code FELICIA10 to save 10% off*

Beauty By Earth best nontoxic self tanner *Use coupon code: FELICIA15 for 15% off your entire order*

Clean Skin Club- skincare starter sets, clean towels and pads *Use coupon code FELICIA for 10% off your entire order*



Perfect Supplements- Green powder, collagen, multi organs, beef liver pills, magnesium, probiotic, prebiotic, multivitamins, oils and more! *Use code FELICIAANNE to save 10% off*

Zuma Nutrition- Parasite Detox, Candida Cleanse, Liver Detox, Amino Acid, Iron Tonic, Zinc Tonic and more. *Use code FELICIA to save 10% off.

Hiya Health Chewable kids multivitamin, probiotic and sleep aid. Comes in a reuseable glass bottle.

Global Healing Parasite, Colon, Liver and Heavy Metal Detox and Vitamins.



Somavedic EMF Protection devices, Water Structuring. *Use code FELICIAANNE to save 10% off*

Mayu Water innovative water structuring with a unique water vortex. By producing a swirling vortex, the mayu swirl AERATES the water to replenish dissolved oxygen levels while balancing pH to create tastier, more refreshing water. *Use code FELICIAANNEG to save 15% off*


Sloth Naturals - Candles, wax melts, and room sprays. *Coupon coming soon*

Wellness by Ari- Over 15 of scents of beeswax candles. *Use code FELICIAANNE to save 10% off*


Bon Charge- Infrared Sauna Blanket and red light therapy  *use code FELICIAANNE to save 15% off*

Spartan Ice Bath- a new and proven therapy to help your body *use code FELICIAANNE to save $100 off*

FasciaBlaster- * use code FELICIAANNE to save 10% off*

Teeth Grinding Guards- *use code FELICIAANNE to save 10% off*

Natural Barber Co.- *use code FELICIAANNE to save 10% off*

Premom- pregnancy tests, basal thermometers, fertility tests and ovulation kits. *use code FELICIA10 to save 10% off*

Avionnti- *use code FELICIAANNE to save 10% off*

Avantera- *use code FELICIA to save 45% off* (Applies to subscription and one-time orders, first time orders only)

Boutique Rugs- *use code FELICIAANNE to save 10% off

Bathmate Direct- *use code FELICIAANNE to save 10% off

Crafthub- *use code FELICIAANNE to save 10% off

CRISTIANZEROTRE- *use code FELICIAANNE to save 10% off

iCowhide- *use code FELICIAANNE to save 10% off

Divoom International- *use code FELICIAANNE to save 10% off

Sashka Co. Bracelets- *use code FELICIAANNE to save 10% off

Rubber Stamps *use code RS_FELICIAANNE to save 10% off*

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