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Welcome to my blog on toxin free living!

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Hi there! I’m Felicia! My mission is to teach everyone about the dangers of toxic ingredients and what safe alternatives are out there. I do a ton of research, read labels, test products, and promote the ones I think are the best! Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard!

I also like to promote other fun products occasionally…like clothing companies. Every time you view one of my stories, click on my profile or use one of my discount codes, you help me support my family. You wonderful followers help pay for the homeschool books, the crafts, the “field trips”, the co op tuitions (and that's alot right there, four kids - 3x a week- send help!!) , and all the small things that help the children flourish.

Speaking of homeschool, in 2019 I began homeschooling my four kids. We use Christian based books and my kids go to a co op three days a week. We absolutely love the co ops they attend. Homeschool has been such a crazy rollercoaster, a lot of trial and errors, and has tested my patience and allowed me to go out of my comfort zones. In the end I'm so glad we took the plunge!

My goal is to spread the realization that big corporations & government agencies don’t have our best interests at heart. For most of them- it's all about money. They want consumers to rely on them and sometimes will intentionally make you sick so you will rely on pharma more. I know it’s not easy to face that this could be a reality for a lot of companies, I'm here for you.

My page will be full of healthy products, tips , videos of my German Shepard pup (because he’s so dang cute), swap guides, with a dash of government corruption (because it IS all connected).

Fun Facts About Me

-I try to be as crunchy" (natural-minded) as I can.

-I’m an empath, which means I am greatly affected by peoples pain and suffering and get emotionally drained around negative energy. I’ve had to distance myself a lot from main stream media. My mental and physical health cannot handle the devastating news of the world all the time.

-I live in New York although I would love to live in a State that is less controlling and more freedom loving, I do make the best of it. Life is all about perception and what you make of it. I love living close to the beach, parks, and all the historic wonders of Long Island.

-Our toxic free journey began in 2016, when my three out of four kids were earth side. My fourth joined us in 2017. It all began when my second daughter was diagnosed with autism at 2 and a half. I begin seeing things in a different light and learning about food trigger behaviors. I will write more about this and my journey with my amazing daughter in a separate blog.

-My journey is still not over there’s so much more for me to learn and change but I am here just taking each day one step at a time and trying to make the best possible choices for me and my family.

Hope you enjoy & introduce yourself in the comments! ✌️❤️

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